The Top 10 Best International Travel Credit Cards for 2022

If you’re planning on traveling in the next few years, it’s important to consider your options for travel credit cards. In this article, we’ll take a look at the ten best international travel credit cards for 2022. By bundling different travel perks together, these cards can save you a lot of money on your travels!

The Best Credit Cards for International Travel

When you’re planning a trip abroad, make sure to choose the right credit card. There are many great options available, and each has its own benefits. Here are the top five cards for international travel.

1. The Chase Sapphire Preferred is one of the best credit cards for international travel. It has a rewards program that provides cashback and bonus points for every dollar you spend on your card. This means you’ll be able to earn valuable rewards while you’re away.

2. The American Express® Gold Card is another great option for international travel. It offers a number of benefits, including global acceptance and 24/7 customer service. You can also use your card to pay for purchases overseas, making it an ideal choice for those who want to stay safe and connected while they’re away.

3. The Citi® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select Credit Card is perfect if you’re looking for a card with a high rewards rate. You can earn 1 points per dollar spent on your card, which can be converted into a wide variety of rewards, including travel credits and gift cards.

4. The Discover IT® Cashback World Mastercard® is perfect if you’re looking for a low-

How to Use a Credit Card for International Travel?

When it comes to traveling abroad, a credit card can be a great way to get the most out of your cards offer foreign transaction fees and other benefits that can make your travels more comfortable and convenient.

There are a number of different international travel credit cards available. Before you choose one, it’s important to understand their features and how they work. Here are some tips on how to use a credit card for international travel:

1) Check the Fees: Credit cards come with different fees for using them abroad. Make sure you know what those fees are before signing up for a card. Some cards charge a foreign transaction fee, which can be as high as 3%. Others may have an annual fee or other charges. Shop around to find the card that’s best for you.

2) Choose a Credit Card That Offer Benefits: Many credit cards offer benefits like travel insurance, airport lounge access, and more. Take time to read the fine print so you know what’s included in each card’s package.

3) Beware of Foreign Transaction Fees: Even if a credit card has no annual fee, it may still have foreign transaction fees. Make sure you understand

How to Find the Right Foreign Currency Exchange Rate?

There are a few things you’ll need to know in order to find the best international travel credit cards. First, you’ll need to find a currency exchange rate that works for you. There are a number of resources available that will help you find the best rate.

Second, make sure the card has no foreign transaction fees. Many foreign currency exchange rates will include a fee for exchanging money overseas. This can be a costly penalty if you don’t plan on using the card very often. Some cards also have annual fees, which can further increase the cost of using them.

Finally, look for a card with low APR rates. This is important because it will help to minimize your overall costs when traveling abroad. If you’re able to find a card with an APR below 10%, you’ll be able to save money each month.

The Top Benefits of Travelling with a Credit Card

Credit cards are a great way to get rewards when you travel. Not only do they give you the opportunity to save on your bills, but they can also help you avoid high fees when you use your card abroad. Here are the top benefits of travelling with a credit card:

• You can earn rewards on your spending. When you use your card to make purchases while travelling, you could earn rewards in the form of cashback or miles. This means that you can get money back from your credit card company as well as travel credits that you can use when you travel.

• You could avoid high fees. Many credit cards have foreign transaction fees, which can add up if you’re using your card to buy items in another country. By using a credit card, you could avoid these fees and get better value for your money.

• You could get protection from fraud. Many credit cards offer theft and fraud protection, which can help you guard against theft and keep your personal information safe.

There are many different travel credit cards to choose from, so it’s important to research each one before making a purchase. By taking advantage of the benefits offered by credit cards, you could enjoy a hassle-free trip that

The Worst Things to Do When Travelling With a Credit Card

When travelling, it is important to keep in mind some of the worst things that can happen. Here are a few tips to help you avoid these problems:

1. Do not overspend when travelling. This can ruin your credit score and cause you to rack up debt later on.

2. Avoid using your credit card for small purchases. This will only add up and hurt your credit score.

3. Always keep track of your spending. If something seems off, investigate why before spending more money.

By following these tips, you can travel worry-free and keep your credit rating intact.

How to Avoid Foreign Transaction Fees

When you’re traveling abroad, it’s important to know about the different types of foreign transaction fees. Some credit cards charge a foreign transaction fee every time you make a purchase or withdraw money from an ATM outside of your home country. This can be really expensive, so it’s important to avoid them as much as possible.

Some cards don’t charge foreign transaction fees at all. These cards are called cashback cards because you earn cash back rewards for every purchase you make with them. The best international travel credit cards for this type of spending are those that offer sign-up bonuses and annual percentage rates (APRs) that are low enough to offset the fees.


As the world becomes more globalized, people are increasingly looking to travel beyond their home country. However, with skyrocketing airfare costs and increasing concerns about identity theft, it can be difficult to know which credit card is right for you when traveling outside of your own country. In this article, we’ve compiled the top 10 best international travel credit cards for 2022. By reading through this list, you should be able to find the perfect credit card for your next overseas trip.